One of the services offered by Buijs Brothers, which deserves special mention, is the bending of steel plates. We have our own hydraulic presses in our yard with a large number of moulds for bending plates. This enables us to bend plates from almost any drawing submitted to us. Perfect customisation!


Unique Formwork
The ability to mould aluminium is unique to us. Thanks to years of experience and the appropriate equipment, Buijs Brothers has everything required to do most plate bending in-house.

What our yard has to offer attracts not only ship-owners and shipyards, but also aircraft builders. In 2012, we moulded the wingtips for an aeroplane out of aluminium plates, on behalf of a manufacturer of aircraft parts. We have also carried out pressing, burning and cutting on behalf of a machine factory



If you interested in our metal formwork, please contact us for an appointment.

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